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Ok, so on they have this "Never-Ending Movie Quiz" (who has 10300 points on it? Oh, yeah me!)

Anywho, the questions are all submitted by users and every so often you get a "question" in which someone says "So I got this question and I think the answer was wrong!!! do you agree with me!?!?!?!" and if you say you do, you get points, if you say you don't you don't get points. So I got this one:

I got a question asking who played the title role in Hook and they said Dustin Hoffman, but if you ask me it was Robin Williams, wasn't it? So what do you think?

A) No, it was Dustin Hoffman
B) You're right, it was Robin Williams!

Me, thinking it's a trick question, choose A) which turns out to be the wrong answer. What pisses me off is that you can't send a message to the person who created the question telling them they are wrong. But honestly, what the fuck? Does she not know what the term "title role" means? Obviously not.

Oh, and people really need to check their spelling. Seriously, there are just some things that are more than typos.

PS If anyone can get me any of the following albums for free, I'd really appreciate it!:

Spring Awakening
Grey Gardens
Hairspray (2007 Movie)
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