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Ok, so a couple of things have happened:

First, last night I was flossing and I was using one of those things you use when you have braces or a permenant retainer (which I have on my bottom teeth). Anyway, it got stuck somehow and I couldn't get it loose. Finally, I just took a hold of it and yanked...and my bottom retainer popped out partially. I didn't want to leave it like that, so I just yanked the entire thing out. I guess I'll have to go see an orthidontist sometime. It feels very strange to not have anything there when I run my tongue along the teeth.

Second, this morning I finally got a call about the RA thing. It turns out I don't have the job yet. He told me that one of the RAs decided to switch schools and I am one of the top three alternates. So he asked me some questions andthen he said he was going to ask the other two alternates the same questions and they'd get back to me. If I get it, I need to be there by monday which sucks.

I kind of hope I don't get it. I know it's wrong of me, but I really do. I haven't gotten to see anyone yet! Besides which, if I am one of the top three alternates, I have a feeling that, if I don't get it this time, at some point during the year they'll call me and ask me to come in. I'm sure at least two other people are going to leave/get fired/graduate before the entire year is up.

*sigh* I guess I should hope that I do get it though.

PS New Hairspray icon! Zac Efron hott likewhoa! *swoons*
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